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Oasis Pool & Spa is one of a kind. Offering exceptional craftsmanship and quality equipment and materials, we take pride in completing every fiberglass and vinyl lined pool perfectly the first time. Based in Lima, NY, we have a large service team systematically covering Western New York. Each crew generally works on one project at a time, so you won’t see new people working on your pool every day. This makes the process more seamless and effective for everyone involved.

Customer communication is a top priority for us. We have many repeat customers whom we provide maintenance for – and they often refer the Oasis Pool & Spa name to their neighbors and friends!

Vinyl Lined Pool in Lima & Western NY | Oasis Pool & Spa

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Pool Maintenance in Lima & Western NY | Oasis Pool & Spa


Our company began as a decorative concrete pool surrounds company in 1984. For years Dar, the owner of Oasis Pool & Spa, worked alongside industry leaders learning the ins and outs of the pool business. In 2007, the company moved into the market of full pool installations in North and South Carolina.

Dar became heavily involved in the fiberglass pool market, and in 2017 he decided to completely change the company’s direction and focus fully on pool installations. In 2018, the company underwent a name change to Oasis Pool & Spa.

Oasis Pool & Spa strives to surpass industry standards and maintain exceptional professionalism on every project we work on. Creating a personal paradise for every client will continually remain the goal of our ever-growing company.

Dar Dehmler Owner Oasis Pool & Spa

A Message From the Owner

Hi! My name is Dar Dehmler, the president and founder of Oasis Pool & Spa! I want to personally thank YOU for taking the time out of your day to visit us online and check out what we do! I have been in the pool industry for over a decade, and I strive every day to ensure our clients are always impressed and love their new backyard oasis. I work alongside my team to make sure a new project is completed to the highest standard.


When should someone choose a vinyl lined pool over fiberglass and vice versa?

It depends on what the client wants, pool feature, shape, and size-wise. Vinyl lined pools are more customizable, while fiberglass pools come in one of three premade shapes with a maximum depth of eight feet.

How can customers help their pools last?

Fiberglass pools can last a lifetime, and vinyl liners can last 25-30 years if cared for correctly. Proper care involves regular maintenance to ensure the chemicals are balanced, covering the pool to keep critters and other objects out of it, and closing it correctly at the end of the season.

Does Oasis Pool provide regular maintenance schedules?

Yes! We offer maintenance packages so you can “set it and forget it” if you like. We also are happy to show our clients how to care for their pool independently if they prefer the DIY method.

How long after the pool is installed is it swimmable?

This depends on a case-by-case basis and many uncontrollable variables, such as the weather and environmental conditions. After the final inspection, your swim season is ready to start! In ideal conditions, you can jump in shortly after installation.

Are the summers too short in WNY for a pool?

Absolutely not! In fact, you can lengthen your swim season by months just by installing a heater. As long as the ground isn’t frozen, we can install a pool. Therefore, we can usually install pools with heaters in the early months of the year so you can swim in the spring!

My dog loves to swim! What kind of pool should I get?

If you have a water-loving pup (or goat – yes, it’s happened!), you have to take this into account when installing a pool. If anything with nails or sharp edges on their feet plans on taking a swim, you have to go with a fiberglass pool – and stairs or a tanning ledge so the pet can come and go safely.

Does Oasis Pool do landscaping?

No, we focus on pool installation and maintenance services. However, we work with reputable landscape companies and would happily refer some options to you!

Get in touch with us at 585-582-6280 to discuss your pool project or maintenance needs.

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